Dark with Feathered (2018)


Invisible Labour

Creekside, London (2017-18)



'Invisible Labour' is the third Fieldwork carried out by the New Model Army, resulting in a documented intervention into urban landscape, a third Artist's Publication: 'New Model Army: Invisible Labour' (2017-18), and a major solo exhibition 'New Model Army: Invisible Labour' (2018).


The operation was carried out in Creekside, a London street in Deptford - historically home to working-class and marginalised peoples, and now subject to a demographic shift resulting from pariarchal capitalist development.


'Invisible Labour' brings new visibility to the hidden and undervalued work carried out by women, particularly working class women.


'Invisible Labour' also develops the earlier Fieldwork 'Land Operation' (2017), acknowledging the structural relationship between women's inequality and the exploitative basis for this, and patriarchal capitalist development on an unprecedented scale. Warehouses, factories and bare land on Creekside and the surrounding area are subject to vast development, further obscuring the historical conditions affecting women and their invisible labour.


'Invisible Labour' is also the name given to the major, solo exhibition at APT Gallery. This exhibition featured multiple New Model Army sculptures made between 2017-18, along with sculpt-photographic documents and video from the Fieldwork 'Invisible Labour'.