Korea Structures (2009)


Dumped Corrugated

h: 916.16 mm  w: 1434.04mm


During my Artist's Residency in the closely connected villages of Gohan-Sabuk, South Korea, I spent many hours walking the village streets and surrounding landscape looking for discarded objects to use for my art work and photographing many examples of discarded objects and what looked to be hand-built structures.


I became intrigued by the way that some materials had been brutally discarded, including within highly picturesque landscapes, because they - and, implicitly, the landscape - seemed to hold no value to whoever had dumped them. Meanwhile, somewhat conversely, similar materials had been used to build fragile but oddly robust structures, often nestled in the landscape.


Ultimately, I became fascinated by the temporality and what seemed to be an interwoven, destruction and creativity running through the materials and structures I found.