Seats (2003)


Digital Print h: 214.14mm x 335.14mm


Walking home from Goldsmiths College, close to the time of my final MFA degree show, I came across these two car seats. Someone had left them on the pavement, leaning them carefully against a wall, side by side.


I was immediately struck by their bodily and sculptural presence, the intimacy and anthropomorphism generated by their anonymous placement in the street. The seats assumed genders and a poignant, paradoxical, tender abandonment emanated from them and between them.


A material testament to normative heterosexuality - and, possibly, its steady erosion? 'He' - larger, more prominent and with limbs suggestive of action and power. 'She' - shy, retreating, passive. Who were the anonymous, working class people that these objects seemed to commemorate? What had their journey been? What had passed between them?