Table (2001)


Digital Print | black and white | h: 317.5mm x w: 214.49mm



This work reflects my fascination for the table as a site of intimacy - engendered by a combination of practical and psychological activity; study, eating, gathering together, being alone.  Also, my interest in time (duration) and objects, their bodily and psychic suggestibility - especially by way of their vulnerability to decay - and the overlap between material and psychological boundaries of the internal and external, conscious and unconscious.


I put this table outside in my (then) garden.


Around this time, I had started to bring found objects in from the streets and to put other objects outside. I had understood that objects would appear in the streets near where I lived, and then disappear again. This seemed a way for people living in this part of London to offer to others their unwanted, but - for someone else - potentially useful objects. The anonymity and fluidity of this practice intrigued me, indicating the ongoing negotiation of intimacy between human beings and objects and the communication of the presence, of unknown, different subjectivities, through the materiality of the objects.


Sometimes I would put objects outside only to bring them back in again a few hours or a day or days later. This became a way of sensitising myself more closely to the emotions, associations and different values relating to each object, and to the implications of placing them 'internally' or 'externally'. These impulses formed the basis for my artistic approach developed in the making of my New Model Army sculptures and Fieldworks (2001 - ongoing).


I never brought the table back inside.